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If you’re Mac is running slow There are a variety of ways to correct the issue. If you want to check for issues with memory First, open Activity Monitor. Pick the processes that are causing the issue and click Quit mac running slow. If the process consumes too much memory, you can close it then try it again. You can make use of the System Memory tab to check for any slow processes operating in your Mac.

The CPU is another possible factor that could cause slowness for your Mac. If you’re running a software that is using a lot of CPU, it’s best to shut it down. For this, you need to open the Activity Monitor and click the “X” button beneath the tiny window’s buttons. If you’re not sure the apps that are using up excessive CPU power then try doing a Google search to find these apps. It should allow you determine which applications are slowing down your computer’s performance.

If your hard drive is overflowing, it can also cause the Mac to be slow to operate. Many applications use up the entire memory of your computer, which makes your operating system run slower. You can delete files which you do not use, or transfer them to another drive. Launch Activity Monitor to see a run-time list of processes running in your Mac. You should see a few issues – it’s a good sign that you’re running more than one application simultaneously.

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